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I Am Jeffrey Stockton. This Is My Blog.

Posted by admin on August 8, 2011

This is my individual weblog I made for a school project. My job will be to write about my daily life for my undergrad English literature class. I have to blog about college, my boring occupation, my nuts pooch “Frito” and while not a soul will probably see this aside from my teacher but I still need to do it. This is my sophomore year at the University of Hawaii. I relocated here from Delaware due to the fact I spent my childhood years surfing but despised all of the chilly water at home.

As soon as I actually got here I knew this state was home. I traveled to Honolulu once as a kid while my family and I had been here on holiday and I had always dreamed of coming back again. Almost all my high school friends didn’t move extremely far for university, the majority remained in Delaware however some went only as distant as Cali. I had my mind made up to attend U of Hawaii thus it was basically the sole school I applied to, thankfully I was accepted given that my grades had not been very good.

So now 2 yrs in the future after getting accepted I’m writing this blog designed for this unexciting English language course. As a kid my favorite subject matter was probably history and so I decided to major in it after I got to university. My favorite history course until now has been Hawaiian history. The state of Hawaii has an wonderful historical past which most people don’t even know about. Their background is a classic story of an indigenous people who were exploited by European settlers who forced their ideals on them in the name of God. I haven’t determined if I will go to graduate school once I am done or if I should try to get work as a history teacher with a nearby school. I’ve been really deliberating whether to go for a graduate degree for Hawaiian history. I’m uncertain if a education in this field will pay well but at least I will be doing something I enjoy.

What Does Jeffrey Stockton Love?

Whenever I am not attending school I love skateboarding and hiking, Frito enjoys both equally too that’s why he is such a great pooch. I first acquired Frito while he had been a puppy after some friends and I moved off college campus. All of us moved to a house and so I thought we needed a dog. He’s definitely the coolest pooch That I have ever had and I had a feeling he’d end up amazing as soon as I first spotted him. This guy eats whatever you give him consequently he’s the life of our get-togethers. We need to watch what food items we all leave out because in case we take our eyeballs away from it for one moment our dinners are usually wiped out. If we have parties you need to keep track of your drinks or he’ll knock them over then lick up all the beer. Crazy, isn’t he?

Anyway back to the skateboarding. One day I was skateboarding while taking Frito for a walk and then I lost my balance and the skateboard shot from beneath me and Frito took off after it and hopped on. He rode for like a block before he slammed into the curb. Since then I’ve been taking him to the dog park with me to skateboard and everyone gets a kick out of seeing the guy skate. It also helps with the ladies because they usually come up to me and request to pet him and stuff.

Well that should be enough words to fulfill my 1st English assignment. Next week I am going to blog about a hike that my friends are going on. I haven’t been on this hike before but I am told it’s great. Supposedly there are many amazing waterfalls along the path. See ya!

Jeffrey Stockton

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