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Top Reasons Why Jeffrey Stockton Thinks Honolulu, Hawaii Is The Best

Posted by admin on September 30, 2011

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, HawaiiBecause I like Honolulu so much I will dedicate an entire post to it. I could talk forever on how much I love Honolulu because it is such a excellent city however I will try and keep it fairly quick. Before I discussed why I relocated to Honolulu along with why this town is so fantastic but this time I will mention why this particular city is the best.

The most self-evident reason is the weather. Honolulu very rarely gets cold which makes it an excellent place for me to live. We’re so spoiled by the awesome climate here we complain if the temp gets less than 70. It almost never rains and it seldom even gets chilly. When it really does rain it’s often still sunny simultaneously. People in Honolulu call this “liquid sunshine.”

An additional good thing of Honolulu is that the people are usually polite. Actually I was surprised at just how many close friends I’ve made ever since I have been here. Anytime my pals or family from out of town stop by they always say “Jeffrey Stockton, just how do you have such a lot of friends?” Most people in Honolulu are incredibly friendly it makes making friends really easy. My own hypothesis is that everybody here is delighted since the weather is constantly great.

Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is actually believed to be a major metro city in the United States. This means there’s exciting things to do virtually every hour of the day. Most cities across the country get pretty dull during the night and those which might be fun are not situated in warm places other than Miami and Los Angeles. When compared to a lot of metropolitan areas that have hot weather Honolulu has far more going on. The night life in Honolulu is great, the bars and night clubs stay open until 4 every morning. Because of how mixed this town is you’ll have a ton of choices for eating out which can be great.

Honolulu is also well-known for its amazing nature hikes. I cannot get enough of hiking which explains why I enjoy it here. I’ve got a couple of preferred hikes for instance Kuliou’ou and Mariners Ridge but even if you prefer a shorter scenic hike there is a number of good ones to select from like Diamond Head or Manoa Falls. Just like the places to eat you can virtually embark on a different hike each day for a few weeks yet still not get to every one of them.

Honolulu is a really diversified town so it is perfect for learning about differing customs. I’m frequently meeting people young and old from all around the globe which is one of the things which I love about this place. Besides the simple fact that Honolulu is a ethnic melting pot there are visitors from all over the world that come here on holiday each day. You can spend a full day in Waikiki and meet someone from a different part of the world each day. I personally enjoy to travel and since I’ve been here I’ve found several close friends from all over that have invited me to come pay a visit to them wherever they live.

Most of asia seems like a really great place and I wish I’m able to pay a visit to there in the future. Luckily flights to Asia from Honolulu are not costly at all. Trips to Japan are just close to $600 so that leaves money for other fun things. I am saving up cash to do this next summer which I’m seriously enthusiastic about. As much as I like Honolulu it’ll be awesome to see a new destination for three months and find out about some other ethnicities.

Those were the points why I love Honolulu, did I sway you to relocate here yet? If you live here you already know what i’m saying however if you have never visited here before it’s something you actually must experience during your life. Look up Jeffrey Stockton inside the white pages if you are ever around town and I would personally gladly show you everything Honolulu has to offer. I promise you will have a great time!

-Jeffrey Stockton Honolulu, Hawaii

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